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About Overdrive

What is Library 2Go?

Library2Go is a provincially-run service for borrowing ebooks, audiobooks and magazines.  Some libraries have additional eBooks and audioBooks for loan. Just log in with your Gibsons Library card to see those additional titles.  



What is Overdrive?

Sometimes, the Library2Go service is referred to as OverDrive because that’s the name of the company that runs it. You can browse our OverDrive collection of ebooks and  audiobooks on your computer or download the Libby app.  Ebooks can also be sent to your ereader. Need help?Visit the OverDrive Help site. Please note: OverDrive is hosted on a Third Party site with its own set of privacy policies.



What is Libby?

Libby is the app from Overdrive to enjoy ebooks and audiobooks. The layout is simple, streamlined and user-friendly. Ebooks can also be sent to your ereader. The Libby app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets. Need help? Watch this helpful Libby video.


How many eBooks or audioBooks can I sign out?

You can borrow 7 items at a time and check them out for 7, 14 or 21 days at a time.  By default, books will be checked out for 21 days and audiobooks for 14.

How do I return an item?

Items are automatically returned.  They’ll still appear on your device, but will no longer be available.  You can either delete the title then or borrow it again.  You will never receive any fines because items are returned automatically, even when your device doesn’t have an internet connection.  It is possible to return an item early to allow other patrons access to the title or to allow you to check out another book (if you have reached the maximum of 7).  How you do this varies from device to device. See here for more information on returning items from your particular device.

Can I renew items?

Yes, but only within three days of the due date.  Log on to Library2Go and then go to the Account page by clicking the person icon near the search bar.  Here you will see books you’ve checked out.  A renew button will appear next to any book due within three days. Click here for more information on renewals.

Can I place a hold?

Yes, you can place holds on up to 7 items at a time.  You will receive an email when your hold is available.

What is Hold Redelivery?

  • When a hold becomes available, a user will receive a notification and have 3 days to pick up the hold.
  • The user can then borrow the hold, have it delivered later, or cancel it.
  • When a user chooses to have a hold delivered later, they pick the earliest possible date to receive the title, keep their place in line, and pass the copy to the next person in line.
  • After the “deliver later” date, the user will receive the next available copy.
  • If a user takes no action during the hold pickup window, the “deliver after seven days” option will be automatically applied as a one-time courtesy.
  • If the user takes no action a second time, their hold will be canceled.

Will my device work with Library2Go?

Most devices will be compatible EXCEPT for Kindle ereaders. Kindles do NOT work with this service in Canada. Overdrive provides specific information on  device compatibility here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use my Kindle ereader to access the Overdrive collection?

No, not in Canada. Find out more.

2.  I want to buy an ereader that can directly access your library’s Overdrive collection. Which Kobo models support direct borrowing?

Kobo Libra H2O,    Forma, Aura ONE,    Aura H2O Edition 2,    Aura Edition 2, or    Clara HD,   Find out more.

3.  How do I borrow ebooks directly on my Overdrive-supported Kobo ereader? 

With Overdrive-supported Kobo ereaders, you don’t need to borrow on your home computer first, then transfer to your ereader with a USB cable. You can access Overdrive right on your Kobo model. Here’s how.

4. I don’t have an ereader that supports direct borrowing. How do I transfer an ebook from my home computer to my ereader?

First you must borrow the ebook on another device (home computer or laptop) and then manually transfer the title to your ereader. Here’s how.

5. I need help. Who can I ask?

Overdrive Help pages have loads of great information or you can email us at: or use our contact form. We’re happy to help.


Please note that Library2Go is hosted on a Third Party site with its own set of privacy policies.