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Library Centennial

Centennial Events At the Library:

  • Sunday, November 16th 2014: We celebrated the grand finale of our Centennial Year with a free concert by the Rakish Angles.  This was also our first OPEN Sunday of the winter, and we took the opportunity to make the official announcement of our  Library of the Future short story contest winners!
  • Friday October 17 : Podcast of the BC Almanac live broadcast from the Library
  • Saturday March 29th : The Library was one hundred!

Hundreds of people attended our major centennial event on March 29th.

They came dressed as their favourite author or fictional character and mingled with Driftwood Storytime players in period costume. There was cake, a giant crossword, and a puppet show featuring Sandy Buck & Matthew Lovegrove.

100 Celeb3 100 Celeb9 100 Celeb11 100 Celeb13
 100 Celeb16  100 Celeb17  100 Celeb15  story theatre group1

 Library song

Lowry Olafson and friends sang our newly-minted 100th Birthday song, which Lowry had created at an earlier event on March 22, along with children’s librarian Heather Evans-Cullens and about 20 happy library users. It’s called Stories to Tell, and you can listen to it here!
 Stories to Tell             

Stories to tell,
In the heart of our town,
Rainbows line the shelves
With stories to tell.

From a box to a building in a hundred years,
Card files to computers, the vision of volunteers,
People going door to door to door
Selling peanuts for a dream,
To build a place where we can learn and live and be,
Our library.


It’s a view on the world where ideas flow,
And our imaginations are free to fly and grow,
There’s a page for every age and so much more,
When you open up the door,
A world of endless possibilities waiting to explore.


Centennial Events at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery:

The “Words of Art” exhibition  was an Art Gallery – Library partnership which ran at the Gibsons Public Art gallery from March 6-31, and featured the works of young people from around the Sunshine Coast, representing artists as young as 2 and all the way up to 19.


What we’ve

been up to

the last

hundred years


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