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Library of Things: Tech Tools


Podcasting Kit

Tell your story and create your own podcast!  This podcasting kit includes the Zoom P4 Podtrak Recorder, headphones, a microphone with foam windscreen, memory card, and all the mounts and adapters to get you started.

P4 Podtrak Quick Guide

Operation Manual:

Recommended age 12+




Audio Recording Kit

The Tascam DR-40X is a versatile four-track audio recorder for music, voice recording, field recording, podcasting, cinema and any other application requiring high-quality audio. It includes dual omnidirectional condenser microphones for stereo recording. Tell your story, record music, and upload your content to your computer. Or just have fun!

This kit includes a print version of the Owner’s Manual and the Reference Manual

Recommended age 12+




Arduino Explore IoT Kit

Explore the fundamental concepts of the Internet of Things with this kit from Arduino. Learn how devices and online tools communicate with each other by using real-world sensors to capture data from the environment. The kit is designed for advanced 16+ students familiar with basic programming concepts. You must have a computer and Wi-Fi connection to use the kit.

Recommended age 16+




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