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Middle-Grade Readers

People keep telling me there are too many ebook and audiobook titles to chose from.
Their middle-school kids are keen to read but both the parents and the kids are tired of spending hours looking though enormous book lists to find the best titles.

If this sounds familiar to you, check out the Kirkus Review’s Best Middle-Grade Books of 2019 list. Kirkus is a reputable American book review magazine and they do a great job of delivering the reviews in manageable portions.

For starters, they narrow the scope of their list to just one year at a time – 2019 being the most recent.

Secondly, they allow you to sort the list by category, so you can narrow your search to the kinds of books your kid actually likes. Their categories include traditional ones such as; Graphic Novel, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, etc. But also include less conventional, and oh-so-useful categories such as: ‘Books That Prove the Past Isn’t Past’, ‘Books for Animal Lovers’, and ‘Books Set in the Here and Now’,  among others.

The third great thing about Kirkus Review’s list, is that each category has less than a dozen titles in it!
Each title is thoughtfully and succinctly reviewed so you or your young reader can make informed choices about which titles you want to read or download. Highly recommended!


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