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My Quarantine Reads

Bored to tears in isolation?

A pandemic seems like the perfect opportunity to learn about the topics of history and medicine! Here are a few of my picks. (All available on Overdrive!)


Night Theater by Vikram Paralkar: Vikram is a medical doctor, an oncology researcher, a veritable comedian (judging by his Twitter account) and an author of several books. His magnum opus, “Night Theatre” is a concise meditation on love, loss, classism and death. In the author’s own words: “when I (originally) wrote a novel involving a Doctor confronting an immense medical challenge while crippled by government corruption, I didn’t think it would be so on-the-nose in America”. How fitting for the times.



Wages of Rebellion by Chris Hedges: Policy changes are often initiated when people speak out against the status quo. With worsening economic inequality, politicians sowing the seeds of division, and the ever-present challenge of complete environmental collapse – this book is needed now more than ever. From personal stories related to whistleblowers, the Occupy movement and activists dedicated to ending Apartheid, learn why it truly is our moral imperative to “revolt”.


The Body: a guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson: Learn about the human body in all its myriad and miraculous functions delivered via Bryson’s signature dry wit. With each chapter dedicated to a different bodily system – the overall result is informative, scientifically and medically accurate, and above all, extremely entertaining.



Speaking of accurate medical information, did you know you can access scholarly journal articles through the library? Using your library card, you can search thousands of articles all aggregated into the “Ebscohost” database. You can find Ebscohost in the “online databases” section of the library’s website!