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Parenting in a Pandemic


Most of you know me as the Children’s Librarian but I’m a mom too and that means that, like you, my plate of responsibilities is stacked really high right now. Just as the hopeful buds of spring were working their way up through the dark earth and I was feeling like this was going to be “my best gardening year ever”, our world did a sudden loopty-loop and now I find myself working two jobs from home while schooling my two kids from home (not to mention all the relational dynamics that go along with that), and those seedlings I bought in early April are still sitting on my gardening table, unplanted.

Like many of you, ‘overwhelmed’ is a word I find myself saying a lot these days so I am offering this blog as a way to wade through the overwhelm, rather than create more of it.

The suggestions and resources I feature here will be a direct response to a friend or patron’s expressed need. My intention is to keep the blog sparse by limiting my posts to only what I have heard people ask for, because doesn’t a ‘little less’ feel better than a ‘little more’ right now?

Feel free to let me know what library-related things you are struggling with too. There are a lot of us at GDPL who would love to try to help.

~ Danielle

Writing to you from home, after the kids have gone to bed.

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