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Library of Things: STEAM Kits for Kids

S.T.E.A.M. Kits

Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics.

STEAM Kits are part of our Library of Things (LoT) collection.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. From the low to high tech these kits support STEAM literacy for children aged 3 and up.

With the exception of the Nintendo Switch, kits are available for a two week loan, no renewals, one kit only per card.  The Nintendo Switch is available for a one week loan with no renewals. Place a hold on any of our STEAM Kits by clicking on the titles or photos below.

Nintendo Switch STEAM Kit

Nintendo Switch console plus Game Builder Garage game.


Relax and have some fun with the Nintendo Switch. This kit comes with a Nintendo Switch console, removable Joy-Cons, and Game Builder Garage. Game Builder Garage is a great introduction to programming and game design.

The loan period for the Switch is ONE WEEK, no renewals.

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Recommended age 7+



Cubelets 12 STEAM Kit

A larger version of our popular Cubelets kit now with 12 sensing, thinking, acting cubes to build bigger robots.

Recommended age 4+







Videography STEAM Kit

Start your own YouTube channel or elevate your home movies! This kit includes a tripod, adjustable phone holder, LED photography light, microphone, and audio cables to connect to your computer, phone, or camera.

Recommended age 5+






Fairy Tale Problem Solving: Goldilocks & the Three Bears STEAM Kit

 This kit uses a favourite fairy tale – Goldilocks and the Three Bears – to get kids curious about STEAM! By experimenting with size, weight, and balance children learn to build a chair that even Goldilocks can’t break.

Recommended age 3+







Fairy Tale Problem Solving: Three Billy Goats Gruff STEAM Kit

Can you build a bridge that is strong enough for all three billy goats to cross at once and tall enough to stay above the troll? Introduce STEAM skills to children as young as 3 with the classic fairy tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Children will learn about cause and effect, weight, and balance as they build a study structure.

Recommended age 3+






Fairy Tale Problem Solving: The Three Little Pigs STEAM Kit

Can you build a house that’s strong enough to defeat the big bad wolf? Introduce STEAM skills to children as young as 3 with the classic fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. Children will learn about engineering, gravity, and force as they build a house for the three little pigs.

Recommended age 3+






Osmo Coding STEAM Kit

The Osmo Coding STEAM Kit comes with the Osmo base and red reflector, an iPad mini with all the Osmo Coding apps, and 31 colourful coding blocks in a case. The kit builds coding skills with 3 hands-on learning games for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced learner. Kids play a fun game on the screen but move their characters using the physical coding blocks. A great way to learn about block coding.

Recommended age 5-10





Dash STEAM Kit

The Dash STEAM Kit comes with a Dash robot, xylophone, mallet, Lego block connectors, challenge cards, and an iPad Mini with all the Dash apps. Dash is a cute responsive robot that speaks, lights up, and navigates objects. Use the free apps to code new behaviours in Dash or teach him to play a song!

Recommended age 6+






Sphero Bolt STEAM Kit

Sphero Bolt is an app-enabled robotic ball that you can drive and code, providing endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. Sphero’s LED matrix means you can create unique images and coloured effects. The iPad mini comes pre-loaded with all the Sphero Bolt apps.

Recommended age 8+






Cubelets STEAM Kit

You don’t need to know how to code or wire to construct robots with Cubelets. Snap the blocks together and the magnetic faces do the rest. Every unique arrangement is a new robot with new behaviors. Brick adapters snap on to Cubelets allowing you to further modify your robots with Lego. For more Cubelets activities check

Recommended age 4+






Anatomical Model STEAM Kit

Learn about human anatomy with an anatomical model. There are 14 body parts that need to go back into the human torso. Can you fit them back together? Once you learn where the organs go you can figure out what they with My Amazing Body Machine, a colorful visual guide to your body.

Recommended age 5+





Magna-Tiles STEAM Kit

Magna-Tiles are magnetic building blocks that fuse math, science, and creativity in unstructured play. The colourful tiles come in a variety of shapes and click together using magnets. Build 3D structures or flat images. For more inspiration visit

Recommended age 4+







Makey Makey STEAM Kit

Makey Makey is designed to connect everyday objects to computer keys. Using a circuit board, alligator clips, and a USB cord, the Makey Makey uses closed loop electrical signals to send a computer a keyboard stroke or mouse click signal. Requires a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer.

Recommended age 8+






Life Cycles STEAM Kit

Learn about the life cycle of plants and animals in your neighbourhood. Includes a picture book and figurines of frog, plant, and butterfly life cycles.

Recommended age 3+








Cardboard VR STEAM Kit

Experience virtual reality on your phone! Using the Google Cardboard app and a cardboard headset you can experience a new reality. Smart phone required for use.

Recommended age 7+








Code & Go Robot Mouse STEAM Kit

The Code & Go Robot Mouse is a fun tool to introducing coding to kids. Build a maze using your imagination or the activity cards and then program the robot mouse through the maze to the cheese. The kit includes maze grids, tunnels, and walls so no one maze is the same!

Recommended age 5+







Cubetto STEAM Kit 

Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that teaches the youngest kids the basics of computer programming without any screens. Cubetto comes with a world map and an adventure titled Cubetto’s First Day. Place coloured blocks into the interface board to direct Cubetto’s movements and functions as he travels across the map.

Recommended age 3+





Keva Planks STEAM Kit

Let your imagination run wild with Keva planks! Build simple or complex structures with these smooth wooden blocks. Learning the fundamentals of engineering has never been so fun! For ideas and inspiration check out the Keva projects page at

Recommended age 4+





Ozobot STEAM Kit

The Ozobot Bit is a little robot that makes coding fun and accessible for kids. The robot responds to colours and marked pathways that determine its movement and functions. Use the black marker in the kit to create a path for the Bit, and the coloured markers to create codes. Keep the activity screen-free by using the markers or download the app for new games.

Recommended age 5+




 Snap Circuits STEAM Kit

Snap circuits teaches kids basic engineering, electronics, and circuitry concepts using snap-together electronic components. Each component has the schematic symbol and a label printed on its plastic case that is color coded for easy identification. The kit comes with 100 different circuit models to build.

Recommended age 8+






Sphero Specdrums STEAM Kit

Specdrums are app-connected rings that let you create music with colour. Download the Specdrums Mix app and use the rainbow play pad or tap any colour to create sounds, loops, and beats. You’ll find over 40 sound sets in the app library allowing you to choose sounds from percussion to hip hop, rainforest to future bass.

Recommended age 6+




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